About Pêche Melba

Pêche Melba Publishers is a small non-profit publisher.
Pêche Melba Publishers sells books particularly in the field of martial arts, and especially Ju Jitsu.
The publisher (himself an enthusiastic Ju Jitsuka) aims to promote Ju Jitsu to all interested parties
(such as coaches, athletes and other Ju jitsu lovers).

Revenues are (re) invested in new publications.
At this moment, the publication "Jiu Jitsu-Do, Graduation Requirements 5th kyu t / m 1st than"
has a English, Danish and Spanish translation. Other languages ​​are being developed in the future.

Soon will be released the second edition of the current issue:
"Jiu Jitsu-Do, Graduation Requirements 1st dan / m 5th dan."

For more information please send an email to: info@pechemelba.nl.
We will contact you as soon as possible.