1 Set of six Teaching plan posters for a successful preparation for each kyu and 1st dan exam!

1 set of 6 x A1 posters (60 x 84 cm), 250 grams MC (extra strong), protected with UV coating.

Jiu Jitsu-Do, examination requirements 5th kyu t / m 1st dan (the certified workbook by the JJIF) is now supported for gyms with professional teaching materials! Six dojo posters show numerous examples of basic techniques for each kyu and 1st dan degree.
On the classified attacks (grabbing / embracing / punching and kicking/ weapons) * you can see all kinds of defensive techniques and numerous examples of the plurality principle. On the tatami the student practices his skills by using these posters - natural under the supervision and instruction of his teacher. At home the student can read or study in the workbook.

* The attacks are in compliance with global Duo System tournaments and are a great repertoire for competitive athletes!